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Random Relations Part IV

Posted in Mixtapes by ION on 04/01/2009


01. Hiszékeny (Venetian Snares)
02. Sudurgata (Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson)
03. Perfume for winter (Fennesz)
04. Muim (Murcof)
05. Lent et douloureux (ISAN)
06. Scoop (The Notwist)
07. Bite marks (Atlas Sound)
08. Wash me away (Guitar)
09. Map ref 41°N 93°W (My Bloody Valentine)
10. Out of sight and snowblind (Laika)
11. Cable dazed (Invisible Conga People)
12. Strangers in the wind (Cut Copy)
13. From stardust to sentience (High Places)
14. Dois mil e em (Os Mutantes)
15. First communion (Gang Gang Dance)
16. Los hongos de marosa (Juana Molina)
17. Disengaged (Grouper)
18. End (Mogwai)


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  1. eyEaЯt said, on 05/01/2009 at 11:17 am

    tackar, tackar förstås_

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