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Friendly fade

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Friendly fade

Sunken treasure



Lazy Sunday funerals

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ΙΟΝ – ΜΑΥΡΗ ΣΥΧΝΟΤΗΤΑ (2015) / new album out today!

Posted in Digital Releases, ION Discography by ION on 07/05/2015

“MAΥΡΗ ΣΥΧΝΟΤΗΤΑ” is released today!

Balancing between atmospheric dub drones and ambient soundscapes, field recordings (on various locations all over Greece) and post-rock guitars this is first ION album in five years. Following the release of “Elfish Tapes” (2010) this album continues as an exploration in silent harmonies born in abandoned Greek landscapes. Featuring 13 compositions for electronics, tapes and guitars “MAYΡΗ ΣΥΧΝΟΤΗΤΑ” is a full length adventure into sonic isolationism that gets its Greek name from the black noise frequency, also known as “silent noise”.

Guest musicians include Tassos Nikogiannis, Ilias Katelanos, Kostas Matiatos & Spiros Faros on guitars and May Roosevelt on theremin.

The mastering of the album was done in Rethymnon, Crete by Nikos Fragomanolakis.

The album is now available for streaming or purchasing on Bandcamp
Further collectible physical releases plus iTunes / Amazon distribution will follow.
Thank you!

© & ℗ 2015


In old Europa

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In old Europe
A hopefulness without frontiers
Bewitched into believing
Into a playland of discontent
Or striking eastward at once_

The material equipment expansion

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The movement of disenchantment
Without any mystery, feeding,
Into the realm of happiness and freedom
The permanent development of productive force
Expanding a mass production of consumer goods_

The ghost village

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As years roll on
And time flies away
In words I have become very familiar with
Through experience, like I waited for hours on a different corner
Every time I hopped in the sunshine and rocked to the creamy drone of the local cicadas
Until I became the fascination of the village, that strange white limping boy_

Summer ends

Posted in Photography, Reality, The Beach by ION on 03/09/2013

In a bag full of sand, the Mechanimal tote bag,
I will secure all these memories
Of you and I wandering through the depths of our friendly sea
Diving, lost, by the tiny isle of Pasha
With no signs to lead us back on land_

We’re chained

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Got chained, handcuffed, motionless
While we were drowning in a sea of serenading cicadas
None of which we really understood, but
One explained, it’s a song about a missing butterfly
Once trapped in a plastic tube_

Moral courage

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Tracing connections through time to see how scenes blend through one another


Once noticed_


Moral courage

Tracing connections through time to see how scenes blend through one another
Once noticed
Than moral courage_