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Mechanimal – Delta Pi Delta (Inner Ear Records, 2016)

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Mechanimal - Delta Pi Delta_cover


Third album officially announced today by Inner Ear Records.
“Delta Pi Delta” is coming out on 180gr white vinyl (incl. download card) or digital album on January 4th and is now available for pre-order @ the Inner Ear online store or the label’s Bandcamp page.

Official Press Release

After two albums exploring the dystopian universe of their city in crisis, the Athenian group Mechanimal delve now into the outskirts of their hometown, away from the sociopolitical fragmentation of the Greek capital, inside a deep and prolonged silence of the mountain forests surrounding Athens.
“Delta Pi Delta” started with a new lineup, erasing the events of a rather tense and tough past, focusing on nature as a means of escape from the modern depression of urban life. This time with female vocals, featuring lead singer Eleni Tzavara (formerly of Film and Etten), electric guitars by Tassos Nikogiannis and Kostas Matiatos, and electronic programming by Giannis Papaioannou, Mechanimal started recording the backbone of their new album during the spring of 2015, while final editing and mixing took place during August 2015, in an isolated room by some faraway beach.
The result of these new recordings is 8 new songs plus 2 instrumentals which will be included as extra tracks in the digital version of the album. Ten new tunes captivating the mystery that lies beneath a quiet life outside a big city. The group’s own hybrid blend of mechanical beats, shoegazing guitar drones and repetitive electronic patterns, shapes now a different perspective that embraces the strangeness and the atmosphere of dreamy landscapes around Athens. The materializing of these silent places into a conceptual sound revealed a new process, which helped the group transform their vision into a tangible medium.
The symbolical acronym title “Delta Pi Delta” is referring to the lyric “giving names to stars”. As a whole it represents the existential journey of any two-footed animal. In this journey, dreams reveal desires and fears that we’re not consciously aware of, but play an important part in consciously or subconsciously helping us become better at dealing with life.
“Delta Pi Delta” is dedicated to the loving memory of Greek artist and painter Nicholas Liber (1956 – 2013), a long-term friend of the band.


Mechanimal + Victory Collapse live at Fuzz Club, 16/2

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Δύο από τα σημαντικότερα συγκροτήματα της σύγχρονης Ελληνικής σκηνής ενώνουν τις δυνάμεις τους για ένα live με ιδιαίτερη σημασία. Οι Mechanimal, ένα νέο σχήμα που αποτελείται από έμπειρους μουσικούς και κυκλοφόρησε ένα από τα καλύτερα albums της περασμένης χρονιάς – όχι μόνο όσον αφορά στην εγχώρια δισκογραφία, αλλά γενικά – και οι Victory Collapse, μια πραγματική new wave μπάντα του σήμερα, με μια συνεπέστατη πορεία που αγγίζει πλέον τα 10 χρόνια αλλά και με ένα εξαιρετικό ντεμπούτο album μέσα στο 2012, θα εμφανιστούν στο Fuzz Live Music Club, το Σάββατο 16 Φεβρουαρίου.

Fuzz Live Music Club (Πειραιώς 209 & Πατριάρχου Ιωακείμ, Ταύρος,, 210 3450817).

Οι πόρτες ανοίγουν στις 20:00. Τιμή Εισιτηρίου: 10 ευρώ.
Διάθεση: Ticket House (Πανεπιστημίου 42, εντός στοάς, τηλ. 210 3608366), Public (Πλ. Συντάγματος, τηλ. 210 3246210) και (τηλ. 13855).

Mech▲nimal live @ Tiki Bar, 30.05.2012

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Μετά από μια σειρά εμφανίσεων σε γνωστά σημεία της πόλης οι Mechanimal επιστρέφουν για μια ακόμη εμφάνιση στο Tiki Bar όπου, λίγο πριν φύγει η άνοιξη, θα γιορτάσουν ένα χρόνο ζωής γεμάτης μουσική και υπερηχητικές περιπέτειες. Γέννημα των ταραχών που συγκλόνισαν το κέντρο της Αθήνας την άνοιξη του 2011, οι Mechanimal είναι ένα μουσικό σχήμα που εμπνεύστηκε ο Γιάννης Παπαϊωάννου, πρωτοπόρος της αθηναϊκής ηλεκτρονικής σκηνής, με συμμετοχές σε σχήματα-σταθμούς της underground μυθολογίας (Rehearsed Dreams, Raw, Elfish Records), και στη συνέχεια με πλήθος κυκλοφοριών ως ION, σε μερικά από τα εκλεκτικότερα labels σε Ελλάδα και εξωτερικό. Η συνάντησή του με τον φωτογράφο και performer Freddie F. ήταν ο καταλύτης που πυροδότησε τον ήχο του σχήματος και η σύνθεση ολοκληρώθηκε τον Αύγουστο της ίδιας χρονιάς, όταν προστέθηκε ο κιθαρίστας Τάσος Νικογιάννης, ιδρυτικό μέλος των θρυλικών Make Believe.

Ηχογραφημένο το χειμώνα του 2011, το υλικό των Mechanimal χαρακτηρίζεται από την ιδιοσυγκρασικά θεατρική φωνή του Freddie F., που διαπερνά ένα παλλόμενο wall of sound από vintage drum machines, υποηχητικές μπασογραμμές, μονοφωνικά synths και εκτροχιασμένα fuzzboxes. Το εκρηκτικό μείγμα που η μπάντα βαφτίζει drone ‘n’ roll ενισχύεται στις ζωντανές εμφανίσεις από τα visuals της Αγγελικής Βρεττού, που εικονοποιούν την ευρωπαϊκή βιομηχανική δυστοπία.

Oι Mech▲nimal θα βρίσκονται στη σκηνή του Tiki Bar στις 22.00.
Η είσοδος είναι ελεύθερη.

Mech▲nimal + Στυλιανός Τζιρίτας UNIT live at KNOT 12/05/2012

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Mech▲nimal + The Rattler Proxy / live at six d.o.g.s 25/04/2012

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When everyone’s a DJ or everyone’s an artist we are Mech_nimal

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I have been trying to understand this endless kamikaze situation; the media lies and the fact that no one seems to understand how biased it is against us. I have been trying to avoid this nation’s desperate television; torn by idiots and bullets and endless car chasing. I have been trying to leave this blog die; this is actually the first post I serve in here over these first months of a new year. But, what I experience around me nowadays keeps me carrying my weight with fear. Or, should I say, as far as I can see, I recognize a future which repeats itself into an infinitive domestic chaos. But, like a close friend says, “let’s not talk politics” in a pact to bury the silence. No more uncomfortable questions. No more superficial conversations. It is too late_

A cloud has fallen. Between our lives, in my stomach, in our hearts.

Reality now leads us to carrying ourselves from bar stool to bar stool, through decades of filling the hunger with wasted nightlife. Is there anyone I feel like speaking with tonight? I can wait until we share the same physical space before I go on with my tales. I can wait until we transmit through the same pirate bandwidth before I decide to share my art with fellow partners or stupid club promoters. I prefer walking down the street, it could be any street, the place means nothing. It could be any city, but now it’s Athens.

Over the past six months I have been waking up with my head full of ten thousand things. Every day they called me like children yearning to be born. They sometimes, even sang to me. But there, between the chaos and the hope, I noticed the narrator’s voice is basic deep. And so, one day I woke up with the metronome ringing in my ears the fuzzy mantra of Lazarus’ resurrection. Each heartbeat a microcosm of rhythm, each lifetime a song for you.

Outside the day is still waking, people move in silent duties.

My fellow passengers, I want to ask them: who seeded blood rivers under skin or painted the vast stellar canvas of stars? When this music of light and sound will heal our curiosities and drown us in the ocean of desire? Some say, music will save us all. They think. This is a lie and we all know it. But, music will definitely guide us, not false prophets of media press kits or intoxicated record labels fooling people with cheap dope. We hear the evidence in our minds, eye whispering to eye sweet endorphin blues, as we are drawn into music’s lustful gravity.

I met the other two members of this clandestine brotherhood during the days of no respect. Together, we see the wisdom of our policy more concerned with men’s courage and self-reliance. This of course, is absolutely true. For, I really hope this trip with fellow Mech_animals bring us to our heart’s destination.

Our first tracks will be revealed (in full stereo) soon. Our first video is on public sight since yesterday. Our first full live gig will take place in about two weeks. Beware: there are no hidden messages in our actions, so that’s why we are expecting no promotion of our actions. We live a life as remote and cluttered as that of a clandestine brotherhood. We just hope our song lines will not be spun from the treads of any political situation in Greece, for then we shall ever be trapped in the bounds of time. Instead, we weave our music into a black new fabric, winnowing over our city’s skies and let all damn politics, even our personal histories be just ripples on the surface.


Ion, Freddie F., TnG
Photograph by Yiorgos Mavropoulos

Mech▲nimal live

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First Mech▲nimal live performance_
Tonight at Floral, downtown Athens_

In somber accent

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When I open my mouth

Will you accept me throwing up?

Words of anger in somber accent

Stealing away gladness from your face

Take you where survival sickness reigns

And desire to live lays

On anxiety skin marks

Language, diverse, of every other fate


Maybe one day I’ll pay you back with happiness

And maybe that day somebody blows my mind

So after that day you’ll build an awkward distance

With the place that holds your undetermined love

No fame or likes, will ever save your soul

When you lie scared upon the dismal shore

So learn to discover

Simple truths like

The light of the setting sun

Bouncing back in your eyes

Let the rain in your face

Rinse your false desires

Brutally widened by consumption gods.

So if you buy now and that means I’m yours

Then I am you and we are one

But we have nothing in common

Except funny illusions of chemical stuff…

So, go powder your nose and fix me a sandwich

But don’t forget to spread some common sense on the bread

Cause, your absence gives me something to fight against

I can’t explain, so I don’t complain

How this always ends up in a fucking migraine

And now it feels strange to fit words in my mouth

Mathematical problems of spoken words

Because of these, my spoken faults

I am left alone, dressed in silence

In a city, rocking back and forth,

And the setting sun shining in my eyes_