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ION – Fjord / remixed, new digital EP.

Posted in Digital Releases, ION Discography by ION on 23/11/2015

Fjord / remixed” EP is out via Bandcamp.

Following the release of “MAYΡΗ ΣΥΧΝΟΤΗΤΑ” a series of digital EP’s will be featuring guest remixes on specific tracks from ION’s latest album. First one to get released is “Fjord” with remixes from French producer Christoph Kardek, Savvas Karabinos of Acropod fame and the newly formed project of The Angel People.

[…] “ION is the solo project of Greek musician and sound artist, Giannis Papaioannou, the lead member of electronic post-punk group Mechanimal. When leaving behind the heavy industrial pop of the group, Giannis moves towards an unpredictable ambient / drone sound. On new album ΜΑΥΡΗ ΣΥΧΝΟΤΗΤΑ (roughly translated as Black Frequency or Silent Noise) ION creates lush sounds and movements lovingly constructed via layered samplers and synthesizers that create often hypnotic pieces of clinical sounding movie-scapes.
With second track Fjord, for instance, the simple beginnings build and build to make a fabulous drive-easy concoction of pulsing resonances and gentle bass tones. Giannis is careful not to lose the album in a sea of nothingness as the often misunderstood form of drone is dismissed and instead he opts for semi-ambience and synth wisps…”
Paul Scott-Bates / Louder Than War, 8.5/10



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