No Camera

Where am I now?

Posted in Photography by ION on 14/07/2011








You open your eyes. You have been sleeping deep. You look down and face a path. You feel lost. But you can hear the gentle noise of the highway. Your right ear catches the bird calls from the trees around you, louder than bombs. Your left one is on mute. Then you notice a slight bend to the ground beneath you. This is when you suddenly remember that you are one hundred meters off ground, in a large tree house, built into the limbs of a giant tree, higher than the highway on your side. You’re in a dream. Or maybe you’re in an adventure trek. Or maybe you’re just trying to find your way to your work. This whole thing makes you wonder if a similar initiative could be taken in the frozen woods of Finland. Somebody tells you there are no monkeys living north. It doesn’t really matter though, because after sleeping on a giant tree you feel like a monkey yourself. Or is it just an excuse to act the way you always wanted to, following paths, steps, signs, screens, humiliations and excuses in a single fucked up trip? You don’t know? OK! But, can you tell me where am I now?


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