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Posted in Reality by ION on 30/06/2011

Wake up World, think about it: the Greek misery will soon be universal!

Why nobody is saying that if the austerity plan did not pass today, then tomorrow all Banks and Economy Towers, first in Europe and then everywhere, would fall from top when our economy foundation crumbles? Why can’t we see that Greece is already in the bottom of it all and sooner or later many will follow? Why can’t we scream with disgust that punishment of old demonstrating people is a sign both of power and powerlessness? Yes, even the most peaceful of men have bloody dreams. Yes, we Greeks, we all know deep inside of us that the continued existence of tyranny does not depend on the few tyrants we have elected but on the many executioners of the Public & Government sectors. But, in the end, we are left here alone here to our own devices, and it seems better to start out right away with a radical and tactically worked-out refusal, rather than go around knocking politely on all doors of our European friends, who they have nothing left to offer than a mode of survival they themselves don’t want to taste. Maybe, in the barbarity of riots we find the right drug against the cold atrocity of the forces of order and oppression. And no one is innocent, not we, not them. Not even you @The Truth who seem to remember more than you wish to recall. You see, I’m Greek too and I’m paying my fucking taxes every fucking single year. My rejection of their economic logic would of necessity entail the death of economics generally. And then chaos. And chaos can not stop the beast educating my soul when the “death instinct” hits my door. Like, at the same time passion for life emerges as a biological need, the reverse side of the passion for destroying and letting oneself be destroyed. So as long as we have not managed to abolish any of the causes of human despair we have no right to try and abolish the means whereby people attempt to get rid of despair. You see, I believe, that up until now people have simply complied with a system of global transformation. Today the goal is to make the system comply with the transformation of the world!

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