No Camera

In somber accent

Posted in Mech▲nimal by ION on 20/06/2011

When I open my mouth

Will you accept me throwing up?

Words of anger in somber accent

Stealing away gladness from your face

Take you where survival sickness reigns

And desire to live lays

On anxiety skin marks

Language, diverse, of every other fate


Maybe one day I’ll pay you back with happiness

And maybe that day somebody blows my mind

So after that day you’ll build an awkward distance

With the place that holds your undetermined love

No fame or likes, will ever save your soul

When you lie scared upon the dismal shore

So learn to discover

Simple truths like

The light of the setting sun

Bouncing back in your eyes

Let the rain in your face

Rinse your false desires

Brutally widened by consumption gods.

So if you buy now and that means I’m yours

Then I am you and we are one

But we have nothing in common

Except funny illusions of chemical stuff…

So, go powder your nose and fix me a sandwich

But don’t forget to spread some common sense on the bread

Cause, your absence gives me something to fight against

I can’t explain, so I don’t complain

How this always ends up in a fucking migraine

And now it feels strange to fit words in my mouth

Mathematical problems of spoken words

Because of these, my spoken faults

I am left alone, dressed in silence

In a city, rocking back and forth,

And the setting sun shining in my eyes_


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  1. matrone pi said, on 18/07/2011 at 9:59 am

    thats good! i like it, good job!

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