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Those first days of spring

Posted in Reality by ION on 29/03/2011


Are you wondering what I’ve been up to? I didn’t mean to disappear like that, but those first days of spring have kept me away from this blog and guided me to the divine company of angels in the machines.
The news are that two new albums are on the way. First, the RD47 album, a project which is a collaboration of me and Spiros Faros comes to a completion. 8 tracks have been mixed, 4 to follow, one version left to be recorded. Then, there’s Ion’s follow release to the Elfish Tapes trilogy, an album with working title “The Polar Maps”. Recording sessions have started with fellow guest musicians and field recordings in various places.
So, until more news or photos will be uploaded in this place you can find a new and unreleased Ion track, called “Monotonie”, available as part of the superb compilation “SuRRism-Phonoethics sPE_0100: Peak the Source”, in 3 massive volumes. You can find the link for the first volume here:


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