No Camera

Elii is an artist

Posted in Dreamland by ION on 09/02/2011

Strange memories on this nervous night last weekend.
Has it been years?
It seems like a lifetime, the kind of peak that never comes back.
How wrong am I? How wrong can I be?
With no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that I was alive in that corner of time.

And you came late, whatever that meant, together with Elii
And that, I think was the handle –
That sense of respect over the forces of old and evil,
Wherein energy would simply prevail,
On water marked photographs of lost childhoods.

So now, we are all riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave.
We are heading north, finally broke.
We do have a problem,
Yeah, I know…
And they probably have this phone tapped baby.

See, everybody knows, I know it’s horrible but it’s all over now.
Cause they know what you’re up to baby.
Come on you lover, you fiend, you poet of the wretched kind
Reveal yourself to loser friends, dance with the music
Then “Press the eject and give me the tape”.

Back to the ambiance of this rotten suite, alone,
With all these signs of extreme violence and
Excessive consumption of human wrath.
Perhaps, if I explained things better, you’d rest easy.
But not yet, I have to study your habits. And Elii’s too.


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