No Camera

Memories are designed to fade

Posted in Dreamland by ION on 07/02/2011

Now, just so the, the rest of us know how much time is left,
We are happy because we all are going to be in the next song,
We love that red, white, and blue lyrics but we all hate that black, black, black refrain.
Cheer up! This world’s about to end in five minutes anyway.
Loss, it’s the one thing that stands between us and this city.

So, what ever happened to bullet-proof days?
What ever happened to hard smokin’ parties?
What ever happened to all the laughter?
What ever happened to all my friends?
Am I the link to your subconscious?

See, memories are designed to fade,
And paranoia is just reality on a higher scale,
Right now my ears are dripping red sounds,
I lost my appetite two weeks ago,
Are you impressed yet? Pretty impressed?

Because we made it!
We finally did it!
We should get going!
We don’t belong!
Yeah, see you downtown.

Are we still friends?
You see, it’s not about what’s in my head, it’s what’s in yours.
And I promised you, I’d always just be there.
I can’t let go of the promise, it’s all I have left.
And all my memories are lost in every kind of perversion my eyes have seen.

At nights, in my beloved garden, I watch the flowers fade, too.
No two quite the same
Clinging to a trilogy of tapes.
And in their silence, the aperture stop sound
Of photographs
By foreign hands, not mine.


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