No Camera

And now it is tomorrow

Posted in Dreamland by ION on 02/02/2011

Would you fix me a sandwich, please?
And spread some little common sense on the bread.
Maybe one day I’ll pay you back with happiness.
Well, if possible,
Of that same kind I get from the landlady once a month.

I often forget to mention, I like funny exit lines.
Mind if I use that portable keyhole?
No, I don’t think you do
But you do need 50 euros and I got only 20 in my pocket.
So, what about the rest?

Where’s the doctor? Where’s the shrink?
I don’t see them near.
Maybe they died.
I can’t explain that.
Their absence gives my system something to fight against.

How’s my stomach?
Can’t feel my right leg.
I don’t want to.
At least not until tomorrow night,
When you call me again, trying to create more difficult situations.

It has been a year of far away places and awkward distances,
And now it is tomorrow
I walk across town, your place to mine in the cold of the morning.
Gone with the winds
In a place that holds memories of undetermined loves.

And now it feels strange to fit words in my mouth.
Mathematical possibilities of spoken word.
Because of these, my spoken faults, my parents moved away
And even though I have spent time in their painted background
I now rock back and forth on your rooftop chairs, calm,
The city humming noise in front of us,
The setting sun bouncing back into our eyes.


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