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Summerize Me EP (Lovezone Records)

Posted in Archive by ION on 18/01/2011


Following the elaborate ambient adventure of last year’s Elfish Tapes album, Ion’s return with Summerize Me EP finds the Athens based Giannis Papaioannou not only returning to beats and soundscapes once again, but also starting the new year with his collaboration with French label Lovezone Records. The three original tracks of Summerize Me EP lead deeper into the rhythmical and repetitive textures of Ion. With this release -mixed and produced, as he usually does, by blending analog and digital sound sources- Ion provides three new tracks originally conceived, noted, sketched and recorded in three different summer places.

~ Starting with Summerize Me, featuring a looped classical piano persist into a bottomless ambient background, Ion builds his electronic music as a combination of sounds that seem to happily blend into each other.

~ Phantomize Me brings the sense of a fascinating summer night experience made on calmer tones with stark moods, while rhythm as a subtle bed leads into a nocturnal adventurous journey.

~ Quantize Me, filled with whoosing chords and cleaner synth stabs, and based on stronger rhythm, is not exactly a dancefloor track, but as Ion often describes his beats, this is a perfect soundtrack for sofa-dancing.

The Summerize Me EP comes to a whole with four remixes of Summerize Me by fellow producers. Nikosf., Ilias Katelanos, Christoph Kardek and Sunset Blvd. bring their own identities into Ion’s sounds, completing this release with four versions absolutely suitable for any kind of body & soul stimulation!

Summerize me Ep was released by Lovezone Records on January 17, 2011.
It is available for digital download from all digital stores.
Release/catalogue number: LZR016





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