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Half asleep / radio show # 1

Posted in Dreamland by ION on 09/06/2010

Every Wednesday midnight Giannis Papaioannou (ION) opens up his music library and selects music for a weekly show on Radio.

From alternative to minimal and from ambient & experimental electronica to dub techno & post rock, all music in “Half asleep” merges in 2-hour non-stop sets transmitting through Intersonik’s virtual frequency.

24:00-02:00 GR
21:00-23:00 GMT

Tonight with tunes by Bark Psychosis, Near The Parenthesis, Herrmann & Kleine, Helios, Guitar, Lali Puna, AMP,
Merz, Philipp Weigl, Caribou, The Album Leaf, Rachel Goswell, All India Radio, Marc Hellner, School Of Seven Bells, Sin Fang Bous, Ultre, The Notwist, Two Lone Swordsmen, Maserati, Team Ghost, Colder, Cold Cave, Liars, Four Tet and Fuck Buttons_



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