No Camera


Posted in Dreamland by ION on 15/03/2010

Stuck in a room full of words
Feel like facing a modern death penalty,
A young lover with no bride
Stoned Romeo, walking blind,
Surprised I’m not the only one making it through inner sanctum mysteries
Recommended by the Government, used by our chiefs, and
Watched by machine gun guards,
Who look as bored as the girls paid to hold a tray of alcohol samples in nu-disco parties,
With shinny red eyes, that they don’t lie, I come and kneel before you,
Alas, I bear no lines to comfort you,
Just secrets to your fears,
You see, I am your only friend in this sterile zone, and since
We made it through quarantine or all the fucking bureaucracies of the nation state,
We still trust people we don’t know,
Because people will do anything, at least that’s what they say,
And now, when everything’s fine, we just feel and carry on,
Full, harvest time, in undisclosed location
We, alright, now feel_


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