No Camera


Posted in Elfish Tapes by ION on 22/10/2009

I, wasted hope,
In walking memories
Drunk in a huge green garden,
Among flowering cherry trees,
Now, buried under the noise of your phone-calls,
Threatened by ex-life puppets,
Oh, what a death!

Go on, kiss me breathless
Before I go…
Go on and meet me in the flesh
For in a long sad pause,
I hear the yelping of utter terrors
Like old habits of play for fear,
How typical of me,
Construct thy face in half-shadows.

I am an item
I scare the dogs in roaring woods
Like life
I have no sharp edges,
I am a bat, eating your dreams inside your head.
In poems, I breathe you lost loves,
Seduced once more upon all bitter paths,
Eager to learn more
Dark laughs, pills, and early morning fucks…

Just off on a long trip
Sedation period over
Mentally adding data derived from fake arousal
Time to read
“Of course you can’t love somebody forever”
Sense of guilt,
We are doomed into everything,
Only, the past isn’t retrievable, or is it?

So, in a moment of truth, between sleep and waking
Back to the beat
Shoes left on the dance floor
Reality rises, like a tremendous erection
I drink you,
Under your black dress
And when the moth tickles a last move
Dead, caught, inside your hand claps
You strobilize me blind
With memories familiar,
From that haunted videotape, we used to share
Divine secrets exposed to_


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