No Camera

I am a morning

Posted in Elfish Tapes by ION on 09/10/2009

Lift up your eyes
I am a morning
On Earth, a point, where you await
Distinct in splendor, wounded and pierced.

Oh, in your joyous kingdom
I am, I run, I fly like ghost
Fucked, deeply penetrated
Yes, I have seen the light of God.

So, in the shape of otherwise living
I’m back to you, another host
To share all secrets
Girl, flying, sees and sings.

From heavens above
Down a circular staircase
On petals and flowers
I know that there, a sperm went mad…

So what amazement could have filled me?
When I to the divine, came from human kind
Back to eternity from time, when
Gracious gladness fills your eyes.

But, now, all your answers will be abandoned
And all your sunlight may dead be soon
For by all means I bring you noises
Preserved in silence, in my room.


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