No Camera

Bamboo paths

Posted in Dreamland by ION on 27/08/2009

Walking a new day in someone else’s flip-flops
Distanced between some place and somewhere
If not words, whispers, sun rays, sand
Far to the west and hidden,
But so much exercise is inherently relaxing and
Luckily our leg muscles only require new paths and water
So, if that’s not cryptic enough try the approval code, 1231415
11:20 – 13:13
More of a glimpse
Body mind synthesis pinching its way around your outsides
2 hour stomach burn
More pills
More lager
Just in time
Mind gone slightly delirious
Sperm gone mad
Wings in the wake
And as we follow these bamboo paths
I hear you thinking
“Maybe some seagulls don’t really land until they die…”


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