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Summer mixtape II

Posted in Mixtapes by ION on 12/08/2009

01. Love happens (Shahrokh Sound Of K)
02. Listen to the voice (Hideo Kobayashi)
03. Come around [Terry Lee Brown Jr Remix] (William Besson)
04. Domesticated remixes [Pezzner Mix] (Home & Garden feat. Derrick Carter)
05. Flicking pages [Daniel Kyo Remix] (The Timewriter)
06. So free [Jay Sasse Dub] (The Timewriter)
07. Binary Deep V1 (Fish Go Deep)
08. Elevate Ya Mind [Abicah Soul & Jay Tripwire Mix] (Stephen Rigmaiden)
09. Siempre [Jimpster Remix] (Kiko Navarro)
10. Nutelekinesia [Telekinesie House Mix] (Manoo)
11. Tessio [Spektre Remix] (Luomo)

A deep house mix done late one morning by the beach_


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  1. Mr. Crow said, on 27/08/2009 at 7:26 pm

    An another great mix, thanks Giannis!

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