No Camera

Yesterday yellow worlds

Posted in Reality by ION on 10/07/2009

It is strange how plans may change
And change, and change
And strangely enough, people don’t seem too interested in changes
Unlocked secrets like gossip lost in Facebook’s trash bin
What do you need?
Who do you call?
Why are you repeating over and over?
The trip is arranged
But, maybe we can postpone it until another fly drops
And then we will scan the street maps, make marks with yellow pencils
And after a few stops we’ ll realize we’ re on the wrong trip
But still under an umbrella
Like lizards under sandstones
It’s an excellent location
Patricia wants to show us the view from her balcony
You write down her number
I call you about the remix. Do you like it?
Sometimes it’s scary how people like funny stories
Needless to say, no one got a call back…


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