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Do iPods dream of electric summers?

Posted in Reality by ION on 04/06/2009

Mouse On Mars: Hi court low cut
Colleen: A swimming pool down the railway track
The Flaming Lips: In the morning of the magicians
Mercury Rev: Vermilion
Magazine: I want to burn again
Teenage Fanclub: Did I say
The American Analog Set: Two way diamond I / II / Don’t wake me
Smashing Pumpkins: Silverfuck
Swell: What I always wanted
cLOUDDEAD: Physics of a unicycle
Basic Channel: Quadrant dub I Edit
The Pastels: Rough Riders (Future Pilot AKA)
Flakes: Yem (Ion remix)
Jimi Tenor: Nobody’s perfect
TV On The Radio: Golden age
Pole: Huckenpack
Caribou: Subotnick
Low: Silver river
High Places: Jump in (for Gilkey Elementary School)
My Bloody Valentine: Come in alone
ISAN: Corundum
Animal Collective: Kids on holiday
Phoenix: Summer days

Random playlist during office hours_


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