No Camera

A dead replica of me

Posted in Reality by ION on 03/06/2009

So, where am I hiding?
Behind locked or foreign words?
Framed as a fashion statement, similar like now people wear gadgets on parties as a symbol of modernity
Dressed in a safe rubberist suit from the winter collection of a market of esoteric products
Sometimes relaxing in a sauna or a spa with fellow trance fetishists, discussing how people enjoying the comfort of power
As an ugly public spot of the beautiful Athenian design map, when taking my dead computers for a walk
As a future formalist in a series of ex-boyfriends, gas masked cartoon-likes of passion failures…
But sometimes,
I am the obscure model in the society of a biological degradation, a vital clue in understanding the process of nothing,
And I remain
Always restricted by the geometry of the circle,
And I am
Operating in cycles that might be usefully modeled by engines, for other people, family or friends,
Or you,
When feeding guidelines to lovers, about a fantasy tale about my other self,
Lying dead in the arms of the intruder…


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