No Camera

Minor harmonics

Posted in Elfish Tapes by ION on 21/05/2009

In line with seeing the unseen
Inaudible, off we go
I too often forget
I have a case of noise sensitivity that sometimes grabs me so
This is what the Elfish Tapes is about
When I stick my antennas out in the grass
Or when I leave them diving into the eternal blue of the waves
I am only trying to have some fun with the sunlight
Getting a synaesthetic rush from harmony colors
Like the disco nerd on the dancefloor, when the show is over or
When no one is near
I turn my noise generators on, weaving soundscapes all over space
Leaving them lay out a slow waltz with no gravity
Trapped between unspoken sentences and ghost minutes
Like then thoughts of
Sometimes, late at night, I take another round of bed tripping.


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  1. drunk old sluts said, on 19/07/2009 at 7:49 am

    now I’ll stay in touch..

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