No Camera

I piss into the blue sky

Posted in Elfish Tapes by ION on 20/05/2009

“There is a white line on the horizon” I said.
“No. That is your life,” she said.

Like a mirage,
Like a mythical constellation of numbers in blue mists, the little white line crossed the horizon.
It was certain it would disappear before we reached it.
I was sure it would disappear before I touched it.
I had spent a good year of translating the machine language, trying to get to this promised ride.

As we neared it,
As it became more and more constant in our sight,
Just like a flash, frequently lost behind cameras talking,
It blazed up.

“It’s on fire.”
“That’s the sun dying on all your windows.”
“You’ll soon be home. Safe.”
“I don’t like it.”

And we continued to ride into the gathering dusk, which seemed to me to be growing out of the blue vegetation of this cloudy sky.
That line seemed like planted there, decades ago, just for decorative qualities.

My spirit lifted slightly as I gazed up from the head of the waterfall,
But then I glanced back, feeling lost to this unwelcoming destination,
Disturbed, I murmured…

“You are so right, standing just like that, when I piss into the blue sky.”


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