No Camera

Controlled mechanisms

Posted in Dreamland by ION on 15/05/2009

Failure to attend an immediate future
All is determined by “doing” in the present moment
Composing and orchestrating, reflecting the importance of unknown dimensions
Singing the world into fatal consequences and
Pattern designs that may be translated as mnemonics of a simulated challenge.
Sexual symbolism for a model and her universe
Prevented from touching, encoding facts into controlled mechanisms,
There is something I don’t know that I am supposed to learn
So I remain curious about mythical knowledge or
About fairy tales associated with strange lands, dynamic implications,
Spreading familiarity with sound engines into children interludes, only when
The operation of the sequencer loop has entered collective consciousness in many ways, so
How does the future emerge into the present?
Will “Richard H. Kirk” remain 3 magical words?
How does one comprehend across the generation gap of the industrial music revolution?
Do futurists suffer from conceptual photo phobia?
I am a poor man, will you sing for me tonight?


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