No Camera

I slowly wake up

Posted in Dreamland by ION on 04/05/2009

Traveling remote communities, setting up noise in the sub cultural phenomenon,
that in the most basic sense means if we don’t move, we argue,
as strange individuals with failing hearts and minds.

I remember things being vibrant, once, in a psychotropic meltdown…
That dawn, when Jeff Mills saved my life with some triangular techno.
Tribal Gathering ’96.
I’m not really sure what happened, except that most of the filters from my ears to my brain were gone,
a nice glowing hum merging perfectly with the sun rising, too late, or something.

I slowly wake up, while the body kicks some motion,
I slowly dress up, orange and pink would fit perfectly in this gray self-replicating city,
Sorry, I don’t mean being cynical, I’m just back to sunlight, feeding time
And no one is home.


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