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End of winter, near the sea

Posted in Dreamland by ION on 20/03/2009




Traveling with the winds, we hit nerve memory of times in the past few days, besides that is just us, the sea, the land, the sky and the clouds. Brief encounters of salty matter will lead us to the witch house in the next village, you and I are doing this trip in winter’s end; no longer as business partners but still together, wherever we are_

Few days spent on road trippin’, walking down the exaggerated lines of humor about the fat helpdesk lady who once walked the same lines, unashamed of untalented potency, loosely delusional, spluttered at my feet, once, last summer, fat pig screamed for ever, before the day she chopped its head. We laugh and drop on curved horizontal lines, sunlit dreams under our heads, we chose not to step on small rocks when we carry the metallic rhythm in our earphones.

You, then, began shaking your head my way, and in your focused vision, you point at endless fluffy objects we could see in the sky, another well dressed villager show us the way, we stepp down and find the stairs leading to the witch house. “Be careful” you said.

“Let’s strike a pose in the front garden and then let’s get lost in the woods of the pale mountain” I said and continued “I am willing to take the risk of my dreams, being stolen from me by vitriol thieves, just to see what I have in mind…”.


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