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Posted in You & me by ION on 11/03/2009

Sharam (Deep Dish) – Beautiful!!! 10/10


Ian Pooley – Very good album. My favorites are “Angel” and “Even in sad days”. 8/10

Jeff Samuel (Trapez / Pokerflat / Germany) – This is a really beautiful album. I am rarely impressed by “electronica” these days but these tracks are very well produced and quite lovely. Thanks for this. 8/10

Nick Warren (GU / Hope / UK) – Wonderful album 10/10

Infusion (Thrive Records / Australia) – Oh my goodness! What a superb release! Took me sometime to get through it to provide adequate feedback. Music made from the heart. So many special moments on here, it’s hard to pick a favourite though I do have to mention the hypnotic swell of “The Girl With No Head”- just sublime! And “Pi” is a great tune too. The whole 2nd half of the album enters and wonderful realm of hypnotic textures and non-obtrusive rhythms to such a wonderful effect and compliments the 1st half beautifully and avoids falling into dance album cliches. I’ll be listening to this album a lot and I don’t actually listen to that many electronic/dance albums. Excellent work. 9/10

Valentino Kanzyani (Jesus Loved You) – Nice melodic album, I like it… There is not so much tracks to play but a lot of them to enjoy at home… Good work… 8/10

Markantonio – Nice album full support. 8/10

Deepchild (Get Physical / Dieb Audio / Australia) – Very lovely, emotive stuff. Reminds me a little of early Dub Taylor / Luomo experiments, deep and dubby. Albums like this are too scarce. Great home listening. Album is a little bit long for me, but all up is pretty special stuff. Well done. 7/10

Elmar Schubert (Add2Basket / Save Room / Berlin) – Feel-good chilled out music with a strong balearic feel to it. Hard to pick a favourite, but I guess I’ll pick “Turbulence” with its “Basic Channel meets Ibiza” vibe. 8/10

Terry Francis (Fabric) – Great package, lovely music. Very nice. 9/10

Christopher Colak (Dinamo 103.8 FM Istanbul) – “Toujours” is a classy track and “Pi” is a really good track. This LP shows how beautiful and big Greek Electronica is. Greek producers are active as never before. And they are doing it very good. As Ion in mind. 7/10

Nacho Marco (Plastic City / Freerange / Loudeast) – Nice work ! Liking a lot “Toujours”, “Electric Poem l” and “Stay with me in dreams forever”. 9/10

Stel (Dieb Audio / Mood Music / Jesus Loved You) – Big fan of ION’s work and this is no exception… Awesome label and awesome productions!!! 10/10

One of Them (Moodgadget / Fade) – Really nice! 8/10

Eelke Kleijn (Global Underground) – Lovely album! I really need to take some time to listen to this in full. Tracks that stand out for my DJ set right now are “Turbulence”, “Vermillion Sands (RU Remix)” 8/10

Dataworx – Some really nice tunes, liked “Toujours” alot! 7/10

Benjamin Kruse (Save Room / Germany) – Nice album! I really feel the love which is in all that tracks. “Pi” and “Toujours” are my favs. Will hear that album, while going through the city or to calm down. It makes me look forward to spring ;) 7/10

Parham (Unfosuked / Sweden) – Very beautiful music. All tracks are Fantastic. 9/10

Erwin Kelemen (Freies Radio Freudenstadt / Germany) – What for a great chillout release!!!!!!!! I like all but my favourite is “Toujours”. 10/10

Gomez (Werd / San Fransisco) – Amazing album, verrrrry innovative and forward thinking. 10/10

Stefan (Progressive World) – Wow!!! Great great album! Will definately listen to it in full tonight! Never heard of this artist but it’s really great music here! Maybe I’ll review it on our site. 8/10

DJ Remy (Armada) – Great album!!! 9/10

Chris Walsh – It was hard to select a fav out of this album. but if i had to choose just one it would be “Greetings From The Beach”. I love the whole album. There are some really cool tunes here thanks for this one. 9/10

Mike Callander (Haul Music / Australia) – “Toujours” is beautiful! And overall a really sweet long player. 8/10

Special thanks and deep respect to Press And Play Pr Agency_


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