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Posted in You & me by ION on 30/01/2009

Recording sessions never end. Drunk on the monitor’s radiance, for a dozen sleepless nights ahead, may bring the final noise out of my head in the form of «You & me».

Since July 2007, when this project started shaping, a few peculiar things happened in my life, but, luckily, they did not alter my musical vision. Nothing altered my sound, except someone advised me I should start writing poems, again. Writing songs. So, since this project is finally coming to an end (with the final version of Dive In to be completed in the next 48 hours), this updated note will be the link to all memory written about this period of my life.

So, not much on the beach those days. Stuck in Dreamland, that’s my studio, sometimes hidden in the basement, sometimes hidden in my laptop, sometimes in her room, sometimes in his room, nomad-recording of random ambiances. Like sparrows, I have no bed.
And sometimes, I sleep on the beach, recording the waves…

But anyway… «You & me» will finally include 14 tracks. All recorded in different locations, like found-sound of forgotten dreams.

For those people helping me through the realization of this idea, I have nothing more to give than my deepest gratitude and my plain love.

Ilias Katelanos, for his guitar craftsmanship. Ilias, played acoustic and electric guitars in 8 tracks in my new album, and did the recording session of my vocals in «Electric Poem 1».

Christos Galanopoulos for his brilliant & magical e-bow solos in «Greetings From The Beach».

DJ Eve-Lys for translating my lyrics in French, and perform the welcoming message in the album, called «Message From Dreamland».

Paul Stefanidis for putting his majestic “Mastering” touch on my recorded material.

George Kyriakou from Klik Records for his help and assistance.

Finally, thank you all for contacting, sending messages asking about the new album, about the new tracks, about me.
I send you, for once more, my greetings from a beach that keeps me dreaming.

PS. The “Dive In” sessions will remain safe with me_


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  1. Ruela said, on 01/02/2009 at 12:05 am


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