No Camera

Random Relations Part III

Posted in Mixtapes by ION on 14/12/2008


01. Isodea (Cluster)
02. All the pretty little horses (Current 93)
03. Confided (Weigl & Hoffmann)
04. A brief walk in the sea (Near The Parenthesis)
05. Candyland (Cocorosie)
06. Dead dogs two (cLOUDDEAD)
07. Chromakey dreamcoat (Boards Of Canada)
08. I don’t care (Dub Tractor)
09. Short dub 2 (Eight Frozen Modules)
10. Cluods in the Haed [Nathan Fake Remix] (Vincent Oliver)
11. Untitled (Vladislav Delay)
12. To simply lie here and breathe (Styrofoam)
13. Black swan (Thom Yorke)
14. Iamundernodisguise (School Of Seven Bells)
15. Everyone alive wants answers (Colleen)_

For a few lucky vinyl lovers and some tape fetishists the idea behind Random Relations is familiar_
Others may also search over “Europe is my playground” mix-sets_
Or even recall memories from the “From Maurizio to Mogwai” parties_
Anyway, this is a another phase of randomness inside ION’s record collection (analog & digital)_
Athens, December 14, 2008
To be continued_


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