No Camera

Message from Dreamland

Posted in You & me by ION on 04/12/2008




Je rêve souvent de nuages et de vagues,
Une rive lointaine,
Une belle plage,
Un grand navire, face à l horizon
Ton coeur, une mer acceuillante

Je rêve souvent que je plonge a l’intérieur,
S’il te plaît, laisse moi y rester pour toujours…

Landscapes were shot in Struer, Denmark, September 2007_
French translation of a scribbled poem by DJ Eve-Lys_
This is the title of the first track from “You & me”_

[…] So, I’m here, at the end of the world, probably spending days on business traveling, confused survivor of an everyday office routine, extreme ripper of the voyeuristic luxury to drift on open seas, where the seagulls always fly near the beach. And I’m thinking of you. But you don’t exist. And you are there, in my dreams. Soon, I will take you by the hand and drift you in my dark worlds, sadly scratched from memories but uniquely made just for you.

So, then we will walk together, from village to village, from strand to strand, and we will finally wake up here, with blurred memories of a stolen poem I once told you. Four hours later. The pub is closed. Alice, you are still sleeping! […]


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