No Camera

Baby’s on fire

Posted in Reality by ION on 21/11/2008

I hadn’t seen a paper for months, indeed had had no desire to know what was going on in the world.
So, today, I was interested to catch my myself lifting a copy of a free-press to read in the bus. Nothing very much, just missed some usual morning messages as I read.

Somehow it made me feel shy, meeting old friends in that bus, reading old friends in the same bus, or trying to excuse myself for all the guilt I was feeling; inappropriate behavior to a friend, I see now to what extent she had been a prisoner of a magical reality spun by all her fears, a web prison made just for the fanatical submission to an artless man.

Well, I go on and I read a little bit into the extraordinary fantasy of reality as captured by the so called free-press. The world has not changed since my absence. It is the same; fear everywhere. Everybody’s crying “Punish me, punish me hard!”. Yes, sure, more fear is on its way for you babies. And everybody would be miserable but gay, masochistically gay, and art would flourish in the stinking middens of our history.


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