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Greetings from the beach

Posted in You & me by ION on 20/11/2008

Yes, I know it’s pretending, tedious and boring, when you try to explain concepts, but this is actually a concept about you & me. It may started before you entered my world, with a π thought navigating freely on a cloudy summer sky and it may confused me before you confused me, but please try to believe it; it’s about you & me. As said, it starts on a monotone π phrase, hitting on and on your heart’s desire to escape into my world, for all its irresistible effects, preset behaviors and randomness, with custom voice ensembles and endless variations of computerized rhythms and sequence lapses, poor vibrant music, flipped horizontal through some cheap virtual-synthesized parameter. And for some esoteric reason this makes me happy, because I have no projects, art means more to you than me, I have nothing to look forward to, nowhere I would rather be than in this mechanical paradise; you click first on my icon and then you ring my bell.

So, you have entered my space, you have seen my machines, you have talked to me in a foreign language, you have proposed to me unearthly delights, you have taken me by the hand and guided me to your mechanized space, until finally you have conquered my dreamland. This is the place where all my path points meet. Cropping and saving the rush of the winds through the deserted bamboo sands of a lonely winter beach. Designing or morphing the clouds on a path, where one summer, you treated me with a kind heart. Clipping and flipping the deafening silence of my darkest summers.

And you have been receiving postcards from dreamland. You have been receiving postcards from the beach. You have seen my beach. Yet, you haven’t accessed my darkest summers. For they will never come back, as I will never go back to them. And, you may not be seen in my top list anymore. You may not be seen by me at all. But you are there. In my heart. And I thank you for this, and I’m asking you to forgive me for not always sharing the same thoughts as you do. But when you start moving further please try to remember that what you’ve learned to be true from getting to know a small artist like me is that life is a whisper of all that exists. And all I can give you before you go on, is my love’s company to help you realize that we’re not alone.

Yours truly,



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  1. eyEaЯt said, on 04/01/2009 at 4:57 pm

    On the porch,
    your neighbors gather,
    take turns pronouncing your name,
    sloughing off each syllable like old teeth.

    They want you to speak,
    to place yourself,
    to tell them where,
    and who.
    Details, they say.

    Tell us everything, they say.

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